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Michalis Hatzigiannis

New Doll out - Michalis Hatzigiannis
Michalis was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on November 15th 1979. (Same birthday as any of you?). He is 31 year old Singer, song-writer, guitarist and pianist.
In May 1998 he represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, he performed a song written by him (Genesis) and came 11th place.

His discogaphy:

As a composer

  • 2003: Vale Mousiki - Despina Olympiou [1 song]
  • 2004: Ehoume Logo - Despina Olympiou [3 songs]
  • 2004: Ola Sto Fos - Eleftheria Arvanitaki [2 songs]
  • 2005: Os Ekei Pou I Kardia Bori N'Andexi - Natassa Theodoridou [4 songs]
  • 2006: Paidi Akoma - Eleni Peta [2 songs]
  • 2006: Vrohi Ton Asterion - Glikeria [3 songs]
  • 2006: Pame Makria - Kostas Makedonas [2 songs]
  • 2006: Einai Kapoies Agapes (2nd edition) - Pashalis Terzis [1 song]
  • 2007: Mazi Horista - Despina Olympiou [13 songs]
  • 2007: Me To Na Podi Sta Astra - Giorgos Dalaras [2 songs]
  • 2009: Mia Stigmi - Despina Olympiou [12 songs]
    • Pop Corn 2001: Best New Artist
    • Arion 2003: Best Pop Artist, Best Pop Album(Krifo Fili), Best Artistic Singer
    • Arion 2004: Best Artistic Song(Monos mou), Best Modern Laikos Singer, Best Singer of the Year, Best-Selling Single(Monos
    • Mad Video Music Awards 2004: Best Pop Video-clip(Monos Mou), Best Artistic video-clip(To Party), Best Video-clip of the Year(Monos mou)
    • Arion 2005: Best Artistic Singer, Best Pop Singer, Best Pop Album(Akatallili Skini), Best Pop Song(Gia Sena), Best Album of the Year(Akatatallili Skini)
    • Mad Video Music Awards 2005: Best Video-clip of the Year(Gia Sena)
    • Status 2006:Best Male Singer of the Year
    • Arion 2006: Best Artistic Song(Na Minis Edo)
    • Cyprus Music Awards 2006: Best Greek Song(De Fevgo), Best Greek Single(Oniro Zo)
    • Status 2007:Best Male Composer of the Year
    • Cyprus Music Awards 2007: Best Male Artist, Best Album of the Year (Fili & Ehthri), Best Single(Ola i Tipota)
    • Mad Music Video Awards 2007:Best Pop Video-clip(Ola i tipota),Best Video-clip of Male Artist(Ola i Tipota),Best Video-clip of the Year(Ola i Tipota),Most Played Artist
    • Arion Awards 2007:Best Folk Song(Na Ise Eki), Best Artistic Song(De Fevgo), Best Pop Album(Fili & Ehthri), Best Song of the Year(Ola i Tipota), Album of the Year(Fili & Ehthri),

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